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Real Estate Investment

with Triple E Realty


Real Estate is said to be the source of more fortunes in the United States than any other. Historically quality real estate has been a dependable source of income, a great inflationary hedge and a readily marketable commodity. The income produced by an investment property is primarily from two sources. Income from the use of the property and appreciation in value over time.


Long Term

In the long term, historically Real Estate property has shown a consistent growth in value, even when some other investment choices were less stable. If there is an increase in value and you are paying down your mortgage balance, its pretty simple: Your increase your equity in the property and add to your net worth. The nice thing about it, if you have purchased the property right and maintained it properly, your tenants, in effect, make your payments for you! In addition, there may be tax advantages available to you when you deal in a long term Real Estate Investment. Although there are definite limits to these potential advantages, they can be substantial.

Because of the stability of the asset (it does not move or disappear) and the continuing need for the product, real estate is readily financiable and marketable. Furthermore since the benefits of ownership are relatively constant, real estate tends to appreciate at least to the extent of inflation.

While real estate is no longer the tax shelter that it once was, it is still one of the best ways to build wealth effectively on a tax deferred basis. Improvements on real property may be depreciated on a straight line basis over twenty eight years even though typically the property, if properly maintained, is appreciating in value. Additionally maintenance costs are tax deductible. Utilizing 1031 exchanges it is possible to build a considerable real estate portfolio over a period of time. Proper estate planning can tax defer capital gains on real estate across generations.

Short Term

In the short term, Real Estate makes a great investment simply because the numbers are so large. It is not like buying a $200 watch and reselling it for $250. Yes, the return percentage will be high, but you still only made $50. With Real Estate, a decent rate of return can mean big profit dollars.



Land Investment

with Capital Holdings Inc.


The following facts have, in one way or the other, influenced the unprecedented increase in real estate prices in the state especially in Southern California:

The most populous state with 37 million people
Projected to reach 50 million in the next 15-20 years
Every sixth baby is born here
5th largest economy in the world
The nationís gateway to the 3 trillion dollar Pacific-Rim  Market, which is growing by 3 billion dollars/week
Leads the nation on foreign investment transaction
450,000 jobs created each year
Southern California is home to 60% of the stateís  population


Why land investment?

Land requires no upkeep
You donít have to be there to tend to an empty parcel. Unlike apartment buildings or commercial properties you spend nothing in maintenance. You donít have to worry about sloppy tenants or unpaid rent. In fact, the land continuously increases in value even if you don't see the property.

Land never wears out nor depreciates.
Nothing can destroy the land and since land is a fixed commodity, its value must continue to rise as more people move into an area. Detroit can build more cars. Wall Street can float more stock issues, but there is only so much land and no more.

You donít need money to acquire land.
Because of the value inherent in the land itself, CAPITAL HOLDINGS, Inc. will lend up to 90% of the sales price of the property. With as little as $1,000, you can control up to $10,000 in land. This is called leverage. Neither the stock market, nor banking your funds offer you so much leverage with such little initial cash outlay.

Land is the original inflation fighter.
A recent article in the U.S. NEWS AND THE WORLD REPORT states that land values rose at a rate three times as great as the increase in general price level over the last ten years. So you pay off your land with dollars that are increasingly worth less, which in most cases pushes you ahead of inflationary trends. But even and in most cases, pushes you ahead of inflationary trends. You have REAL financial security.

Land is an excellent tax shelter.
Property taxes and interest charges in most cases are tax deductible. Yet, at the same time, undeveloped property taxes are low enough so as not to be real financial burden.


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